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WGC Explores is a series of wide-ranging dialogues amongst the industry’s brightest minds and influential voices to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter in the energy sector.

In this latest edition of WGC Explores, IGU’s Matthew Doman speaks to Andrea Stegher, IGU Regional Coordinator Europe and Marcel Kramer IGU Regional Coordinator Russia, Black Sea and Caspian Area.  

Andrea and Marcel share their insights on the significant developments of natural gas in their regions, the long-term look at carbon emission reduction, the future of green energy and an innovative sustainable drive beyond what natural gas is already providing. They touch on the complex and challenging financial investment needed to drive the energy transition, the much-needed cooperation for sustainability and why the World Gas Conference takes place at a significant time where the industry will be ready to meet and discuss these opportunities and issues in May 2022.

IGU’s Matthew Doman speaks to Timothy Egan, Canadian Gas Association and Orlando Cabrales Segovia, Colombian Natural Gas Association. 

Tim and Orlando share their insights on the significant developments of natural gas in their regions, the importance of energy access, energy affordability and the impact of the new US Administration on the industry sector. Also their perspectives on the approved bill in Brazil to open the gas market to private investors, the ambitious program in Chile, one of the largest green hydrogen exporters by 2040 and why Korea is the ideal destination for the next World Gas Conference in 23-27 May 2022 in Daegu, Korea.

Terry Thorn speaks to Carlos Guerrero, Global Market Leader Gas Carriers and Oil Tankers, Bureau Veritas | Marine & Offshore. 

Carlos Guerrero discusses how Covid-19 has affected the LNG market in 2020, future developments of the LNG market and how Bureau Veritas has evolved and adopted new technologies to overcome inspections and certifications, and can now say they are prepared for the future and any new challenges.

He also talks about why he is submitting a WGC2022 Call for Paper and joining the Sustainable Future – Powered by Gas conversation in 23-27 May 2022 in Daegu, Korea.

Terry Thorn, Senior Adviser to the IGU President speaks to Nobuo Tanaka, Special Adviser, Sasakawa Peace Foundation. 

Nobuo Tanaka spoke on various topics from the move towards a hydrogen economy and how Japan can contribute to clean energy, to the impact of Covid-19 on the oil and gas industry, green finance, the acceleration of digitalization and the integral role of women in the transformation of the energy sector. Watch the full video!

He will speak at WGC2022 in Daegu, Korea from 23-27 May 2022. To hear his views on the most significant issues shaping the global energy agenda, view the WGC2022 program.

Prof. Jonathan Stern from Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) shared his views on the need to meet the challenge of significantly reducing the greenhouse gas footprint and the energy transition developments in the current climate.

Coby van der Linde and Maria van der Hoeven from Clingendael International Energy Program discussed the current trends and challenges facing the oil and gas market.

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