Professional Training Classes

As part of WGC2022, we will be holding full-day Professional Training Classes providing participants with industry-specific and up to date training to further their professional growth and understanding of the gas industry. All courses are run by world-renowned experts who will share their detailed knowledge in addressing some of the industry’s key issues today.


Date: Monday 23 May 2022
Time: 09:00 to 17:00

  • Why hydrogen? Introduction & history 
  • Why is H2 gaining so much momentum?
  • Role of H2 in the energy transition
  • Hydrogen value chain: from production to end-use applications
  • Origin and history of hydrogen technology
  • System integration
  • A tour along every single part of the hydrogen value chain; production, transport, storage and three main enduser applications 
  • Visit the hydrogen storage HyStock and see how a cavern looks from the inside 
  • How to create a market for hydrogen
  • Vision for market design for hydrogen
  • Market phases and market structuring: dynamic market developments and designs
  • How to create a market for hydrogen
  • Balancing future electricity and hydrogen markets
  • Effective public policy for hydrogen
  • An interactive dialogue on hydrogen market design
  • From natural gas to hydrogen: the opportunities for hydrogen for the gas industry / How the gas industry can benefit from the hydrogen economy
  • Comparison between natural gas and hydrogen
  • SMR; hydrogen production from natural gas
  • Blue hydrogen; hydrogen production from natural gas and storing the CO2 in depleted gas fields
  • Best practices from around the globe
  • An interactive dialogue on the threats and opportunities for hydrogen for the gas industry
  • The outlook for hydrogen in mobility 
  • Hydrogen in road transport (light and heavy-duty) 
  • FCEVs vs BEVs 
  • Hydrogen in shipping 
  • Hydrogen in aviation: how close is it? 
  • Interactive dialogue on the use of hydrogen in mobility 

Presented by Energy Delta Institute.


After obtaining a master’s degree in Private and Corporate Law, Marcel held several positions in government and in international organizations (NATO, International Energy Agency). Subsequently, he spent his entire career in international energy companies on different continents.

Over the past 30 years, Marcel has held a range of senior executive positions in the international gas industry and has an extensive personal executive network in this field. 

He currently works internationally as an independent consultant, company director and advisory board member on strategy, policy, and project management in the field of energy and infrastructure. 

He is also President of the Energy Delta Institute, an international energy business school, which supports the development of young executives through a wide range of industry courses and networking events. 

Marcel Kramer is a frequent public speaker on energy topics and lectures in several executive education programs associated with universities in Europe and Russia. He is an active longstanding member of the Council of the International Gas Union (IGU), for which he also reports to the IGU President as ‘Regional Coordinator’ for Russia, the Black Sea region, and the Caspian. 

Leon Stille has a background in Earth Sciences (Bsc) and renewable energy technology (Msc) from the University of Utrecht. From the start of his career, he has focused on conventional and renewable energy technology development and education. He has held commercial roles in several energy companies such as the Dutch gas grid operator Alliander and international oil and gas company Frames.  

Furthermore, he worked for the Netherlands organization of Applied Sciences (TNO) as business development manager dedicated to enabling and accelerating the energy transition. In this role he has initiated several large-scale international research and development programs, as well as technology development trajectories towards industrial applications of CCUS, green gas, gas conversion technologies (hydrogen, ammonia and DME), geothermal applications and water purification, always with a strong international focus, with particular experience in South-East Asia, Canada and East Africa.  

Currently, Leon is working as Manager of the Energy Delta Institute at the New Energy Coalition, dedicated to providing education and promotion towards the energy transition. Leon holds two patents on biogas purification and conversion and was the chairman of the company advisory. 

After obtaining a master’s degree in Private and Corporate Law, Marcel held several positions in government and in international organizations (NATO, International Energy Agency). Subsequently, he spent his entire career in international energy companies on different continents.

Prof. Dr. ir. Earl Goetheer graduated for his MSc. (specialization organic chemistry and process engineering) at the Wageningen University and has more than 15 years of experience in chemical engineering since. He obtained a PhD in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

Dr Goetheer is now working as principal scientist at TNO on the development of CO2 capture and utilization processes. He has published more than 100 publications and more than 50 patents related to process engineering and separation technology.

He has been appointed as part-time professor at the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands) on the field of large-scale energy storage in 2018. His research focus at the university is on electrochemical conversion of CO2 to useful products.

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