1998- 2022 work at Danish Gas Technology Centre as Senior Project manager mostly working at International projects.

Coordination, management, and implementation of several R&D projects related to gas utilisations. Development of testing methods for the assessment of gas technologies. This is including:


  • CH4EU (2020): Methane emissions from end use
  • ECOTEST (2019): Investigation of the reproducibility of measurement of 20 labs testing for the ErP regulation (efficiency & emissions)
  • GASQUAL (2011): Investigation of the impact of gas quality change on the EU market
  • Improvement of Inter-laboratory Reproducibility for NOx and CO Measurements (Standard – Measurements and Testing 1998)


Presently working with impact of Hydrogen blends for domestic and commercial appliances (in charge of WP testing of the THyGA project)

Member of IGU, GERG and Marcogaz.

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