Frederick Joseph Maly Jr. - Senior Product Manager - Romet Limited

Frederick Joseph Maly Jr.

Senior Product Manager
Romet Limited

Frederick J. Maly is the Senior Product Manager for Romet Limited headquartered in Ontario Canada. Romet Limited provides end-to-end measurement solutions to natural gas utilities across the globe through the development of innovative designs and industry-leading technologies.

Before his current position at Romet Limited, Fred was the Director of Measurement at Spire Energy based in the USA Saint Louis, Missouri. Fred has been in the natural gas industry for over 40 years, spending all of this time in natural gas measurement. During this period, he experienced the natural gas industry transformed from mechanical technology to electronics utilizing state-of-the-art microcontrollers, sensors, and software. These transformations created the smart meter along with the IoTs opening the world to endless possibilities.

Fred holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Master’s Degree in Management, and Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering.

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