Dr. Lee is currently the presidents of three companies, CGN Korea Holdings Co. Ltd., CGN Yulchon Generation Co. Ltd., and CGN Daesan Power Co. Ltd. The two power generation companies are mainly LNG-powered and Oil-powered, up to the capacity of 2.1G. Though operating a fuel cell power generation and a Biomass power generation, he is eager to adopt a low carbon technology for power generation on a large scale.

Formerly, he worked at the Korean Government for almost 30 years including Ministry of Information and Communications, Presidential Office, Prime Minster’s Office, and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). He ended up with the Deputy Minister for Trade and Negotiation at the MOTIE. Upon leaving the Korean Government, he served as the Chairman of the Korean Standards Association for three years.

He attended Korea University (bachelor), Seoul National University (master), and Ohio State University (Ph.D. in Public Administration). He wrote three books, United East Asia (2016), Blockchain Master (2020) and Guide to AI for the General Public (2020).

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