Dr. Han Jinli, a professor-level senior engineer, is currently the chief engineer of Beijing Gas Group Company Limited.

She led the establishment and improvement of multiple information systems for Beijing Gas Group, represented by the Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP) with financial business integration as its core, the user management system. With those systems, data standard was able to be unified and data could be shared among different apartments. As a result, master data was concentrated at corporate level and managed throughout its whole lifecycle. She led the building of an incident disposal system based on big data, forming a big data monitoring and management platform with Beijing Gas’ unique features. The systems she led to establish won municipal and national awards.

She led the editing of a number of industry standards, providing support for data structures and data values standardization of relevant information systems for gas enterprises.

She actively promotes the development of industry informationization. She facilitates the organization a national gas informationization conference each year, in which collected papers are published annually and keynote speeches and sessions are given regarding the best practice for informationization. The conference has become an important platform for the industry and stakeholders to have exchanges, showcase outcomes, learn from each other and discuss possible cooperation. The theme of the annual meeting has become the beacon for gas industry’s informationization work of that year.

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