Carlos Cortés Simon - Executive Chairman - Chilean Natural Gas Association

Carlos Cortés Simon

Executive Chairman
Chilean Natural Gas Association

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A lawyer from the University of Valparaiso in Chile, with an MBA from the Adolfo Ibanez University Business School in Chile and a LLM in Natural Resources, Law and Policy from the University of Dundee in Scotland.

Currently the Executive Chairman of the Chilean Natural Gas Association (AGN), a trade organization that has grown significantly over the years and now represents the main players of the local natural gas industry (importers, LNG terminals, pipelines, traders, distributors, and major customers). Today, AGN represents the following companies: AME, Engie Gas Chile, Gas Andes, Gasco Magallanes, GNL Quintero, GasValpo, Innergy, Metrogas, Methanex and YPF Chile.

In this role he has, amongst other things, actively worked with a range of organizations, including government and regulatory authorities, trade organizations, the media and technical committees; to promote the use of gas and seek opportunities for it to continue serving as a clean energy source in the energy transition.

He has led the involvement of AGN in the International Gas Union (IGU), the largest and most influential natural gas organization worldwide, and has represented the Chilean Gas Industry at many international events around the world. Currently, he is the Regional Coordinator of the IGU for Latin America and the Caribbean. He has also been a member of the consulting committee which created and updates the Chilean Energy Policy (2016 and 2021).

In his career path he has also been a member of the legislative program for the Libertad and Desarollo Institute, a think tank, and an assessor of legal work, providing technical assistance in the preparation of diverse legal initiatives for members of the Chilean Parliament. Furthermore, he has written and edited various books and essays related to the energy and gas markets.

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