Andres Sarmiento - Corporate Affairs Director - Frontera Energy

Andres Sarmiento

Corporate Affairs Director
Frontera Energy

Moderator at:


Andrés Sarmiento is the Director of Corporate Affairs of Frontera Energy, a Colombo-Canadian O&G company. Sarmiento has been an active member of the IGU’s utilization committee for 5 years and coordinates SG3 (mobility study group) within this committee.

He was secretary general of the Natural Gas Association of Colombia for 5 years and interim president for 7 months. He directed the Colombian investment attraction strategy for the UK, Ireland, and the Scandinavian countries from the ProColombia office located in London. He was an advisor to the Colombian Minister of Energy.
Sarmiento holds a degree and MSc in economics from Universidad de los Andes, and a master’s degree in Energy, Mining and Finance from Imperial College London.

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