Health and Safety at WGC2022

Our priority is to keep you safe in these extraordinary times and maintain a safe environment when you visit WGC2022.

We are working closely with the Korean Government and the EXCO Convention Centre to keep you as safe as possible during your event experience.

*We will regularly update this page to reflect the current situation and the venue’s guidance.

COVID19 Updates (Korean Government)

Korea has achieved over 80% (first-dose) and 76% fully vaccinated rate in October 2021, and the country is aiming to reach the 80% full vaccination mark gradually. Following these high vaccination rates, the Korean Government announced a new plan to get back to normalcy called “Living with COVID19”:

  • From the beginning of November 2021, multi-use facilities restrictions will be eased and extended to larger-scale facilities.
  • According to the scheme, from January 2022, all the private gathering restrictions will be minimized.

Entry to Korea

A visitor who is fully vaccinated will have to quarantine for 10 days. If you are not fully vaccinated, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

WGC2022 delegates are eligible for quarantine exemptions when fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before applying. The vaccine types approved by the Korean Government are Janssen, Pfizer–BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Covishied, Moderna, Sinopharm-WIBP and  Sinovac.

*Exceptions may apply for COVID-19 variants countries, please click here for more information.

To apply for a Quarantine Exemption, you need to do the following:

  • Prepare the required documents below and submit them to the WGC2022 Team
  • WGC2022 Team will liaise with the Korean Government to process your quarantine exemption procedure
  • Collect your Quarantine Exemption Certificate at the Korean Embassy of the country of residence
  • Present Quarantine Exemption Certificate upon entry to Korea. Welcome to Korea!

*Please take into your consideration that the above process takes about 1 month, so plan your trip accordingly.

Required Documents:

  • Fill in the Quarantine Exemption Application Form
  • Vaccination Certification
  • Proof of accommodation reservation
  • Business License
  • Copy of Your Passport
  • Proof of Employment (Koreans Only)
  • Flight Itinerary

Entering Korea will require delegates (quarantine exempted) to do the following:

  • A PCR test 72 hours prior to entry, upon entering Korea, and within 6-7 days of entry. When receiving a PCR test in Korea, it is required to keep 24 hours of self-quarantine at a temporary residential place (for example in a hotel) to wait for the test results.
  • Must comply with quarantine orders made by the disease control authorities as necessary, especially when testing positive for COVID19.

Please note that every visitor who enters Korea from abroad is solely responsible for checking the requirements necessary to return to his/her country of residence.

For more information on quarantine exemption, please contact

At the Venue

Social Distancing

We are working closely with the venue and suppliers to ensure crowd density and traffic flow remain safe throughout the event. The following measures will be managed:

  • Social distancing consistent with the guidelines in Korea, the city of Daegu and CDC regulations will be implemented
  • The venue will ensure minimum crowding and develop secure safe routes to minimise contact

Personal Protection

We are committed to creating a safe environment and have put the following in place to ensure every step of your journey is secured:

  • All attendees will be required to wear a protective face mask at the event.
  • Free disposable face masks and hand sanitiser will be available at the venue.
  • The venue will enhance visitor safety through inspection and monitoring through the use of thermal imaging at certain locations.
  • Temperature checks and hand disinfection will be conducted in the outdoor plaza.

Venue Cleanliness

The EXCO Convention Centre will continuously disinfect facilities and will do the following:

  • Collocated thermal imaging cameras in order to inspect and monitor all the visitors and assure everyone’s safety.
  • Track the movement and contact of the visitors in case of confirmed cased, all visitors must wear a mask at all times.

Last updated: 11 November 2021

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