Plenary Program Topics

The WGC 2021 Plenary Program topics have now been announced by the National Organizing Committee. Leading global energy companies, Government Ministers and other senior level experts have been invited to discuss the most topical issues shaping the global energy agenda, today and in the future.

Look out for speaker announcements coming soon.

  • Opening Dialogue: A Sustainable Future Powered by Gas  

This plenary discusses the big picture of the global gas industry over the next decade and sets the scene for the week ahead at WGC 2021. It will examine the importance of how the energy transition should give access to affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable energy systems. Different approaches may be taken around the globe but the overall aim is clear that we need to successfully transform energy systems by increasing investment in cleaner technologies, finding a partnership between gas and renewables and securing financial investment.

  • Narratives for the Evolution of the Global Gas Market

This plenary explores the global gas market in June 2021 and the factors driving a balance between supply and demand. The discussion will highlight immediate shifts and trends facing the industry, as well as the opportunity for a liquid LNG market and hub.

  • Market Growth Enablers in the Gas Industry

This plenary explores how access to gas and LNG for new and existing customers is being facilitated through new projects, technologies as well as the evolution of business models and commercial terms.

  • The Emerging Transportation Ecosystem

This plenary will provide an opportunity to hear from the industries deploying cleaner technologies and strategies that are transforming marine and land transportation in the 21st century, including ship-building and bunkering.

  • Digital Technologies Transforming the Gas Industry

Digital technologies will be a key enabler in the gas industry to reduce costs, drive better workforce performance and safety. This session explores how the gas industry can adopt and leverage the opportunities presented by new digital systems, such as AI and Blockchain, in order to allow it to grow. How have other industries employed these new technologies and what can we learn from their success? 

  • Future Growth of the Asian Gas Market

This plenary will examine how China, Japan and Korea have dominated global demand growth in recent times, and explore the prospects and various opportunities for such a transformation in other Asian countries.

  • Innovation and Technology in Gas Industries

This plenary explores the latest R&D investments and technological innovations for a sustainable energy industry that crosses borders and value chains, including methane emissions, storage, renewables and LNG.

  • Access to Gas: Driving Economic Growth and Reducing Energy Poverty

Accessing energy is the single most important factor in improving the lives of individuals and increasing economic growth in communities. This plenary explores the opportunities and challenges for the gas industry in providing affordable clean energy for cooking, heating, lighting and infrastructure, in order to drive economic development and help alleviate poverty.

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