Message from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea,
Kim Boo-kyum

The World Gas Conference 2022 (WGC2022), the world’s largest global gas industry conference and exhibition, organized by the International Gas Union and hosted by the Korea Gas Union, will be held at EXCO Daegu for five days on 23 – 27 May 2022.

The World Gas Conference is one of the most significant global energy events and often referred to as the Olympic Games of the gas industry. Approximately 12,000 participants will attend, and among them include energy ministers, international organization representatives, and CEOs of global energy corporations from over 90 countries. This event serves as a platform for discussing and meeting the demand for a new energy paradigm to address climate change and sustainable development.

The WGC2022 will discuss important issues facing the global gas industry, including the transition to eco-friendly energy and the trend within the sector. Under this year’s theme “A Sustainable Future – Powered by Gas”, not only will the topic of natural gas – the key driver of the current global economy – be addressed, but hydrogen and renewable energy will be discussed in full depth.

Last year, the President of the Republic of Korea announced the 2050 Carbon Neutral Strategy, and in accordance with this strategy, we are focusing on climate change and new industries by implementing the Green New Deal. Other countries are also moving toward the era of hydrogen, solar, and wind power to achieve a carbon-neutral society. Natural gas is expected to play a vital role in this transition.

The Korean government will work closely with the Korea Gas Union to ensure the success of this event. I cordially invite you to the WGC2022 and to the city of Daegu, where a future of eco-friendly energy will be made possible.

Thank you.

Kim Boo-kyum
Prime Minister, Republic of Korea
Honorary Chairman, WGC2022 National Organizing Committee

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