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WGC2022 will take place 23-27 May 2022 at the EXCO Convention Centre in Daegu, South Korea.

The 29th World Gas Conference, which was due to take place in 2024, has been rescheduled to 2025. It will take place in Beijing, China under the leadership of Chinese Presidency.


Please visit the WGC2022 Registration page here. There, you can view the registration guidelines which includes the registration overview, ticket prices and offerings, special event tickets and payment terms. 

Group registration is intended for groups of 10 or more registrations from the same organization, coordinated by one nominated contact person taking care of registration and payment on behalf of the group. If you have 10 or more delegates to register, please email registration@wgc2022.org

Yes. All speakers at WGC2022 will be entitled to a special registration benefit depending on time of registration.

Early Bird Fee (Registering before 14th February 2022) – USD$ 3,195
General Fee (Registering between 15th February – 22nd April 2022) – USD$ 3,595
Onsite Fee(Registering between 23rd April – 27th May 2022) – USD$ 3,995

Early Bird Registration ends on 14 February 2022. Be sure to register to take advantage of the Early Bird ratesFor the full list of ticket prices please click here. 

We have a variety of optional WGC2022 offerings which you can include in your registration package. They include:
Executive Club Members gives you a first-class World Gas Conference experience. Receive access to our VIP Lounge and services, reserved seating to certain sessions, complimentary access to all Luncheon Addresses and ease to plan your meetings by joining our premium Executive Club.
Luncheon Addresses are sessions with the world’s most prominent energy and environmental leaders debating the most significant issues shaping the global energy.
Professional Training Classes provide participants up-to-date, industry-specific training to further professional growth and understanding of the gas industry. All courses are run by world-renowned experts who will share their detailed knowledge in addressing some of the key issues facing the industry today.
Young Leaders Program aims to acknowledge, develop and support the industry’s future leaders and will bring together candidates in the industry and provide them with a package of educational and networking opportunities.
Accompanying Person is a great opportunity for delegates to travel with a partner or a family member and offer delegates the option to register one accompanying person to join them during social activities and to experience the cultural highlights of Daegu and the surrounding area.
Technical Tours give you the unique opportunity to visit one of the representative industrial facilities of Korea where you can experience innovative technologies being utilized in the industrial field. You can choose to visit the Hyundai Heavy Industries/POSCO Site Visit (Ulsan Technical Tour) and KOGAS/Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Site Visit.
City Tours are complimentary tours of the city of Daegu.
Optional Tours are a selection of tours around the city of Daegu to visit the cultural sites and a green energy tour to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To view the full list, please sign in using your registration username and password.  


When completing the WGC2022 Registration Form online, you have the option to purchase tickets for special events during the conference and exhibition. If you would like to purchase tickets after you have completed registration, please contact the WGC2022 Registration team in writing at registration@wgc2022.org  

Yes and please note cancellation fees apply. To cancel your registration please notify the WGC2022 Registration team in writing at registration@wgc2022.org  

For more details of cancellation procedures, fees and deadlines, please refer to the terms & conditions.  

All travel costs including air and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee 

Yes. You can view our Plenary Program and Current Debates Program for the most up to date information on session topics and schedule.  

WGC2022 will provide letters of invitation upon request. When you complete the WGC2022 Registration Form online, you have the option to download a letter of invitation. If you do need a bespoke invitation letter, please contact the WGC2022 Registration team at registration@wgc2022.org 

WGC Program

The WGC2022 program will discuss perspectives and insights under the theme A Sustainable Future – Powered by Gas and reflect and discuss the ever-changing gas industry across the globeFrom the new normal, short- and long-term business transformations, market growth, the opportunities and challenges in technology and innovation, green finance, energy security, energy performance, clean air strategies and much more.  

These developments will be reflected in the Plenary Sessions, Call for Papers and the already updated Current Debate topics.  

The WGC2022 conference format convenes a variety of speaker formats with 90 sessions across 4-days including Plenary Sessions and Luncheon Addresses, Current Debates, Industry Insights Sessions and Technology & Innovation Sessions.

  • Plenary Sessions and Luncheon Addresses will consist of the world’s most prominent energy and environmental leaders debating the most significant issues shaping the global energy. 
  • Current Debate sessions feature lively interactive discussions between audience members and speakers on the most commercial and strategic topics of the moment. 
  • Industry Insights sessions will bring together experienced commercial and technical speakers focussing on the latest technical innovations as well as relevant commercial and strategic issues. 
  • Technology & Innovation sessions will give experienced industry experts a chance to demonstrate and explain the latest gas industry innovations and technology, on the Exhibition floor. 

The Call for Papers are specifically designed as an opportunity for the experts to be able to join the WGC2022 programBy submitting a Call for Paper Abstract you will be able to share with our audience the newest developments, present innovations and talk about what’s currently being discussed in the industry. For more information on the Call for Papers, please visit here 

Call for Papers

The chosen authors will be given the opportunity to present at either an Industry Insight or a Technology and Innovation session. Please view the full list of topics you can submit here. 

The deadline to submit your Call for Papers Abstract has been extended to 28 January 2022. There will be no extensions after this date.

Those that have submitted before the deadline of 27 September 2021 will be categorised as Stage 1 and authors will be notified on 23 November 2021 whether they have been accepted, wait listed or not accepted, via the email address provided as part of the submission. 

Those that have submitted by the extension deadline of 28 January 2022 will be categorised as Stage 2 and authors will be notified on 17 March 2022 whether they have been accepted, waitlisted or not accepted, via the email address provided as part of the submission. 

With the industry facing new opportunities and challenges every day, extending the Call for Papers will give the entire global industry the opportunity to present the most up-to-date research and case studies. 

Stage 1 is for those that have submitted an Abstract for the Call for Papers by the 27 September 2021 deadline. These papers are currently being reviewed by the IGU Coordination Committee and authors will be notified on 23 November 2021 whether they have been accepted, waitlisted or not accepted via the email address provided. 

Stage 2 is for those that have submitted an Abstract for the Call for Papers by the deadline of 28 January 2022. The IGU Coordination Committee will review these papers when the deadline is closed and authors will be notified on 17 March 2022 whether they have been accepted, waitlisted or not accepted via the email address provided. 

If you have any questions, please contact papers@wgc2022.org  

Visit the submit page of the website here for instructions on how to submit your abstract. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact the conference team at papers@wgc2022.org

Stage 1 
No – once your Abstract has been submitted under this category you will not be able to review or edit your Abstract. If you do want to submit a new Abstract, please log in into your account and submit the new Abstract, which will be considered in Stage 2. 

Stage 2 
Yes – once your Abstract has been submitted you may log back into your account to review and edit the Abstract, but if you want to resubmit your uploaded Abstract, please get in touch with us at papers@wgc2022.org. You may amend until the closing date of 28 January 2022, and after this date, no further edits will be accepted. 

All abstracts must be submitted via our online portal.

All abstracts must be entered into the online portal in order for them to be reviewed and assessed by the IGU Committees.

Submissions must be in English only. The official language of the event is English and you will be required to submit your slides and present at the conference in English.

Your Abstract should be approximately 1,000 words in length.

Yes, we accept video submissions. Please read the How to Format an Abstract carefully before submitting a video.

To submit a video file click here, you will first need to upload a Microsoft Word Document. Please include the text “Video file Abstract submission”. Once this is completed, please email your video file as an attachment or in a web link to papers@wgc2022.org with the email heading “WGC2022 Video File Submission [Your Name]”. Once this has been completed, please return to the online portal, select “Continue” and complete the submission process.

There is no limit to the number of Abstracts you may submit, however an Abstract can only be submitted to one topic. You may not submit the same Abstract to multiple topics.

Although your abstract and paper may be written as a collective group you will need to nominate one contact person who will then be responsible for all contact and follow up purposes. You may name all authors as part of your 1,000 word abstract.

Yes – once your Abstract has been submitted you may log back into your account to review and edit the Abstract. You may do this until the closing date on 27 September 2021. After this date no further edits will be accepted.

The IGU has 11 Committees and 3 Task Forces who are working to advance the role of gas in a sustainable energy future whilst aligning with the International Gas Union’s role as the global voice of gas.

With over 900 committee members from over 49 countries the IGU Coordination Committees will draw on its members’ impressive global network of industry representatives to manage and lead this part of the conference program. For full information on the Committees and their Triennial Work Program please click here.

Each topic falls under the coordination of one of the IGU Committees.

Your Abstract will be reviewed by a select panel of Committee members who will review your Abstract based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and degree of benefit to the gas industry
  • Originality
  • Relevance to the conference theme “A Sustainable Future – Powered by Gas
  • Content and presentation quality
  • Conformity to the respective topic

You will either be presenting in an Industry Insight session or in the Technology & Innovation sessions. When submitting your abstract, topics are clearly listed under the type of session you will be presenting at.

More information about these sessions can be found here.

Authors will be notified via the email address provided as part of the submission on the following dates: 

Stage 1: 23 November 2021
Stage 2: 17 March 2022 

Yes – all speakers must register for the conference depending on the time of registration.
Early Bird Fee – USD$ 3,195
General Fee – USD$ 3,595
Onsite Fee – USD$ 3,995

Exhibitors and Sponsors


We will continue to monitor the situation and will be complying fully with the prevailing government advice on measures such as following the guidelines on social distancinghygiene and face coverings and infrared cameras to detect fever, to ensure the protection of all participants. South Korea is one of the very few countries in the world that has brought a major COVID-19 outbreak under control. We will also closely coordinate with the EXCO Convention Centre in order to ensure that all practical steps to ensure the health and safety of our attendees on site will be taken


Accommodation bookings for WGC2022 will begin when registration opens. Take advantage of the accommodation availability and start to plan your conference visit. If you plan to group book or have any further questions, please contact the WGC Team at hotels@wgc2022.org.

ANY QUESTIONS? For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the WGC Team at info@wgc2022.org. We are happy to assist to any of your queries.

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