Daegu Accompanying Person’s Tour


  • Date: Thursday 26 May, 2022
  • Time: 10:00 – 18:00 *Lunch included
  • Price: Complimentary for Accompanying Persons Only


10:00 – 18:00


Departure (EXCO)
Donghwasa Making temple food and Lunch
Fashion Show with Make-Over
Arrival (EXCO)


Donghwasa Temple is located on the south side of Palgongsan Mountain, about 22km northeast of Daegu. It was built by Monk Geukdal in the 15th year of King Soji’s reign (AD 493). The original name of the temple was Yugasa Temple, but Simjiwangsa rebuilt the temple under King Heungdeok (r. AD 826-836) and named it Donghwasa Temple, which means ‘the paulownia tree still blooms, even during the winter season’. The present temple was built in 1732. Donghwasa’s Daeungjeon, the main building, is divided into 3 sections at the front and side, and its natural-looking pillars are one of its main attractions. One other attraction Donghwasa provides is the temple food which is essential to the teachings of Buddhism on its path to healthy living and ultimate enlightenment.

For more information, please visit english.visitkorea.or.kr

Fashion Show Make-Over

The Fashion Show with Make-Over program offers an opportunity for participants to experience professional fashion model styling, including make-up and hairstyling, model walking and poses, photo shooting, and a runway show. The program takes about 4 hours and personal profile photos and photos of runway experiences are instantly printed and framed to be provided as souvenirs.

How to Register

To register an Accompanying Person please register your place by clicking here. During the registration process, click Register Now, enter your details and you will see the option to select the Accompanying Persons.

For further inquiries or to register, please contact registration@wgc2022.org 

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