WGC2022 Global Supporters go on Tour

The WGC2022 Global Supporters went on two different tours in September and October 2021.

In the first episode, the English and Portuguese team went to the Tongyeong LNG Terminal Tour. They visited Tongyeong for lunch, Nammang Park, the Tongyeong LNG Terminal and the exhibition hall tour. While the Spanish team went on the WGC2022 City Tour visiting Gyeongju in the second episode. The first stop was by one of the oldest surviving temples Bulguksa Temple then to an ancient tome area of Daereungwon, the ancient observatory Cheomsungdae and the Silla’s palace in Donggung and Wolji.

The City Tour will be one of the destinations in our WGC2022’s city tour which will take place next year in May.

Watch the full videos below.

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