IGU LNG & Transmission Joint Committee Meeting Group

With the new year well under way we are now in the final 18 months of planning for the 28th World Gas Conference.

As we continue to develop the program, 2020 will be full of exciting developments and announcements as we launch new parts to the conference program.

The IGU Coordination Committee are currently preparing for the launch of our Call for Papers which will open on 11 May 2020. As part of this preparation the various Committees have met at different locations around the world to discuss the latest developments in their work.

At the end of last year the IGU’s LNG Committee & Transmission Committee held a joint Meeting in the south-eastern part of the Korean peninsula, Gyeongju. Hosted by our Host Partner, Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) and organized by our Host Association the Korea Gas Union (KGU), this joint committee meeting consisted of a series of combined and independent sessions. The aim was for both Committees to share knowledge about their recent studies and projects as well as to work together on potential synergies and cross-overs between the work of their two respective Committees.

The IGU Committees and Task Forces are responsible for the content and development of the Industry Insight and Technology & Innovation sessions which form a large part of the WGC 2021 program. The work undertaken during the triennial period of the Korean Presidency and at these meetings will form an integral part of the overall conference program.

The Committees are currently finalising the session topics which will form our Call for Papers, launching on 11 May 2020. Mark your calendar with this date when we welcome industry experts from around the world to submit an abstract for the chance to be selected as a speaker at the world’s largest global gas event!

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