IGU Coordination Committee Meeting, Santiago

On 23 April, 2019 the IGU Coordination Committee met in Santiago, Chile to discuss plans for the Korean triennium including the 28th World Gas Conference.

The committees are beginning the planning stages for the WGC 2021 conference programme and the purpose of this meeting was to provide an update on their study focuses as well as start discussions on how their work will play an integral role in shaping the event.

The committees will be responsible for planning, developing and leading all the Industry Insight sessions that will take place in the conference centre as well as the interactive Technology and Innovation sessions being held on the exhibition floor.

Over 1,000 abstracts were submitted ahead of WGC 2018 which culminated in the committees managing over 70+ sessions. We look forward to following the work of the committees to see how they develop the programme for WGC 2021.

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Executive Committee meetings and the EXC Workshop also took place last week in the Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, hosted by Asociación de Gas Natural. The week ended in a special Technical Tour to GNL Quintero.

Read more about the IGU at www.igu.org.



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